2015 Fishwest Staff Holiday “Wish List”

With the holidays right around the corner the staff here at Fishwest thought it would be appropriate to share their “Wish Lists” for the upcoming year. As most of you know fly anglers can never have enough gear but here are a few items that the staff wouldn’t mind having:

Morgan – Fishwest Shop Manager:

Fishpond Oxbow Chest/Backpack

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pack since I started fly fishing. I’ve been through backpacks, waist packs, chest packs and vests and I haven’t found the ONE quite yet. The 2015 Fishpond Oxbow Chest/Backpack might just have what I’m looking for. This is a modular system from Fishpond that incorporates a backpack and a chest pack. I can use them in conjunction with one another or I can use them separately. The chest pack would hold my essentials while the backpack would carry food, clothing and BEER! The backpack could also be used as a day pack for hiking or holding school books while off the river.

Tibor Reels Tailwater CL 5-6 Reel

I’m a reel junkie, I’ve got more reels than rods and I like owning reels you don’t see one the river regularly. The Tibor Tailwater CL reel is just that, a reel you don’t see regularly. With a drag system unlike most others and a classic looking solid frame, I would probably be the only one walking down the banks of the Provo River with this one. Tibor offers multiple color options and I could personalize this unique reel even further with their custom engraving options. Multiple sizes are available with an option from 3 weights to 8weights so no matter what you like to fish for, there is a size for you. I’d go with the red option myself, a little reel bling never hurt anyone.

Abel Nippers

Nippers are one of the most commonly lost tools on the river, I like to call it “paying the river toll”. Most of us carry cheap nippers for that reason but I’m willing to be we’d all love to have a nice pair. My favorites are the Abel nippers. There are a ton of solid colors available but the hand painted fish print nippers really catch my eye. I personally like the Dorado print and because they are brightly colored, I would be able to see them if I dropped them somewhere. They come with a limited lifetime warranty and there are replacement blades available when a season of 60lb fluorocarbon and Musky leaders has taken their toll. If only they made a Musky print…

JC – Fishwest Web Team Manager:

Patagonia Stormfront Sling

Anyone who knows me is aware that chances are when I fish I am bound to take a spill from time to time. I for one am sick of having a wet gear on my back after I take an inevitable swim. I enjoy the fit and function of a sling pack and with the added waterproof element of TPU coated nylon and watertight zipper the Stormfront sling from Patagonia seems like a great fit for me. My gear is bound to stay nice and dry. I have yet to pull the trigger on this pack but the time is now.

Fishpond Dakota Travel Rod Case

Most of the time destination fly fishing is just a dream for me. When I do get the chance to travel and fish I would love to have one of these rod & reel cases. I have borrowed one of these in the past and I can tell you that they are excellent. They have capacity to carry everything you would need for a trip. Last time I used one it was loaded up with four rods, reels, lines, and all the accompanying accessories that I needed for my trip. The best part was I didn’t have to stress about my gear getting lost or damaged in transit. I would highly recommend one of these for anglers who have destination travel on their mind.

Tacky Fly Fishing Big Bug Box

As an angler who values organization I can tell you the fly boxes from Tacky Fishing are a home run! This series of boxes were created by a group of fly fishing guides and it is easy to see why. The fly boxes have an extremely slim profile which means that an angler can carry a wide variety of flies without taking up a ton of valuable space in a pack or a vest. The silicone inserts are a nice benefit as well because they are easy to keep clean and dry. . My biggest complaint with the prior versions of the Tacky box was the ultra slim profile. The slim profile is great for small dry flies and nymphs but it was lacking for the larger patterns. The latest creation from Tacky aptly named “Big Bug” box is a great choice for bigger flies like hoppers, carp flies, and streamers just to name a few. This box would even make a great choice for saltwater since it could be easily rinsed out. Now if they would only make a boat box…

Richard – Fishwest Web Team & Shop Staff:

Simms G3 Waders

The past few years I have been fishing in an old pair of Simms Headwater waders and they have worked great, but it’s becoming the time where I need a new pair of waders and decided the feature rich G3’s would be a great choice. Utilizing Simms’ GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric the updated G3’s are 25% more breathable than the standard GORE-TEX and offering 5-layers of protection giving you the sense of mind that these waders will last you for years. On top of that they feature fleeced-lined handwarmer pockets for those winter days on the river and a Tipper Tender pocket that zips to the inside of the waders to keep the essentials close. These features on-top of the fit of Simms’ waders are what makes them a no-brainer for my wish list.

Simms Coldweather Shirt

I can’t say enough good things about the Simms’ Coldweather shirt, after purchasing one last fall; it quickly took over the role of almost every sweatshirt and jacket I own. The plaid pattern is stylish and fleece liner keeps you warm, it’s made with metal buttons to make it a little more rugged than typical button-up shirt. I have noticed, after a few wading mishaps, that the fabric is quite water resistant and quick-drying and still has the ability to keep you pretty warm even after you’ve gotten wet. Needless to say I take this shirt everywhere and use it all year long, cool summer nights next to alpine lakes or a layering piece for winter fishing; it’s the first shirt I pack for a trip and ends up being the only one I’ll end up wearing. This shirt is comfort meets functionality, so you’ll want one in every color, that’s why its on my list.

Of course we have a lot of other gift ideas and suggestions for you. Visit our Pinterest boards for plenty of holiday gifts to give and receive this year. Leave us a comment and let us know what you’re hoping to see under the tree!

Note: This post was originally published in November 2015 and may be out of date.