2021 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

It’s that time of year again! Let us help you get ahead of the game. This week we are hitting a broad spectrum of gifts. From the person who has everything to the beginning fly-tying enthusiasts, all the way down to getting the kiddos involved in this glorious hobby! We will release a gift guide every week, starting the countdown to the holiday’s, our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1.

  1. CODY RICHARDSON – VINTAGE UTAH TROUT LICENSE PLATE ART – Leaving a fire fighting career, Cody Richardson switched gears to pursue a personal passion of fly fishing and artwork. Starting out by creating personal designs in his home shop for friends and family, these artwork pieces caught on through local Colorado fly shops, and are now carried sold in shops around the world. Every license plate art piece is handmade and is unique. Yours will look very similar but will not be exactly the same as the photo example. All Limited Edition Pieces are 35″ x 21″
  2. CURTIS CREEK MANIFEST – The Curtis Creek Manifesto: A Fully Illustrated Guide to the Strategy, Finesse, Tactics, and Paraphernalia of Fly Fishing by Sheridan Anderson is a good humored, yet informative introduction to the sport of fly fishing. Full of fun, large cartoons of your favorite fly fishing moments, you can safelybypass other long, fancy guide books for this simple, yet highly informative introductory fly fishing guide. A great choice for beginner anglers and more experienced fly fishers alike, you’re sure to enjoy this smart, little refresher. Humorous illustrations Informative, yet light read.
  3. LITTLE RED FISHING KNOT BOOK – The Little Red Fishing Knot Book is a detailed reference of 50 of the most commonly used fly fishing knots, like the Blood Knot, Surgeon’s Knot, and Loop Knots. Included are lessons describing what knots work best for certain fly fishing situations. Create stronger knots more efficiently and catch more fish with the descriptions detailed in The Little Red Fishing Knot Book. Copyright 1995 72 pages.
  4. LITTLE RED BOOK OF FLY FISHING – Fly fishing experts Kirk Deeter and Charlie Meyers give anglers a variety of tips and lessons in The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing. This easy-to-read instruction manual includes 240 tips on how to be a better fly fisherman. While many of these tips are directed toward the beginner angler, experts can expect to learn new things as well. The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing covers casting, rigging, finding fish, and everything in between. 225 pages Copyright 2010.
  5. FISHWEST GIFT CARD – $25-$1,000 – Fishwest Gift Cards are the ideal gift for any fly angler in your life. These gift certificates can be used in store or online.
  6. ORVIS PRACTICASTER PRACTICE FLY ROD – Practice fly casting anywhere – even in the comfort of your own living room with Orvis PractiCaster. This practice fly rod imitates your own cast and allows you to develop and improve the precise motion of the art of fly casting. The PractiCaster from Orvis lets you understand the correct motion for perfect timing and loop formation, while providing the benefit of immediate results. Two-piece rod with green and orange fly line for visibility Suitable for all ages Storage tube included
  7. UMPQUA BEGINNERS FLY TYING KIT– The Beginners Fly Tying Kit from Umpqua includes a Metz beginner’s vise, hackle pliers, scissors, and tying bobbin. It’s designed to be used with a broad assortment of Tiemco hooks and tying materials, including turkey quill, bucktail pieces, dubbing, and chenille. With these tools and materials, you can get yourself acquainted with some of the basic techniques for tying both wet and dry flies that actually catch fish. The Umpqua Beginners Fly Tying Kit is the perfect introduction to the art of fly tying. Beginners vise and tools included assortment of hook sizes included.