5 Must Have Flies For Your Bahamas Box

Want to know what makes a good bonefish box for the Bahamas? You’re in luck because, I wanted to share my top five patterns for use in the Bahamas.

One thing to note here: The range of sizes below will allow you to have a pattern that will work wether you are wading in shallow water, poling a shallow flat, or even fishing deeper water. The size of the fly will effect the presentation, meaning, as a very general rule of thumb, I would recommend using flies on the smaller scale when fishing shallow water and bigger flies when fishing deeper.

Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp: Fantastic pattern for fishing on the mud and sand flats in the Bahamas. It provides great movement with the rubber legs. Pick your weight 2 – 8 depending on the scenario.

Pearl Gotcha: This tried and true pattern that many bonefish anglers are familiar with. The color combination of the pearl and flash light up when the sun hits this pearl attracting those bonefish. Offered in a variety of weights and sizes fitting the scenario.

Craven’s Bonefish Junk: Combining elements of the first two flies with a nice addition of the orange spawn sack. This imitation is in a spawn attracting becoming a favorite for producing when others wont.

Bahama Mama: Great pattern for shallow wade fishing, bright sand flats being easy to track with the pink profile and the pink legs. Great pattern to have in the box for wade fishing to tailing fish.

Needlefish Nightmare: This one is a lot of fun and not necessarily for bonefish. What you’ll find is that there are a lot of predators out on the flats, be it sharks or barracudas that will love to chase this. Cast it beyond your target then two hand strip it back as fast as you can because needlefish are quick in nature. They will respond to this pattern based on it’s profile, sound and color immediately!

Before your next Bahamas trip make sure to have some of these staples that will become  your go to patterns for a good time in the Bahamas.