Attention Utah: Fishwest Presents “The Willard Wipeout”

Now that we have your attention. The staff here at Fishwest invites you to our first monthly “Fishing Meetup”. Join the Fishwest staff for a fun day out exploring some of Utah’s best fisheries. This month we are focusing on the “Wiper” A wiper is a hybrid cross between a White Bass and Striped Bass.

As with all hybrid fish, wiper are sterile and incapable of reproduction. Wiper hold a reputation as being the hardest fighting fish in freshwater and are blast to catch. Wiper are found in a variety of Utah fisheries but WIllard bay is the most prolific. These fish can be chased on foot easily at this location.

This is not a guide trip, we want to use this as an opportunity to hang out with some of our awesome customers while showing off some really cool fisheries.

The “meetup” is at the Willard Bay South Marina at 10 AM on May 12th. So come out and join us with your fishing gear a for a day out on the water! After the fishing, the Fishwest staff will be grilling up some food to chat about the day and hear all the stories! We look forward to seeing you all there!  Please call the shop at 801.617.1225 or stop by with any questions about the event.

The Quick Details: 

  • Location: Willard Bay South Marina
  • Time: 10AM – ???
  • Species – Wiper, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Carp
  • Recommended Rods: 6wt – 8wt with Floating, Intermediate, or Type III Sink Tip
  • Bring your own beverages, flies, and terminal tackle. The Fishwest Staff will fire up the grill after fishing.