Gear Review : Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack

Hitting the water with all the right gear can make even the worst days better. With a wide array of fishing styles to choose from, it may be hard pinpointing which products will adequately suit your needs. Regardless of your fishing style, the Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack will suit your needs.

In Gunnison, we are blessed to have (relatively) easy access to some amazing fisheries. A drive up the Taylor Canyon or along the Gunnison River can put you at some awesome fishing spots less than 15 feet from your car. We also have some legendary backcountry spots which require a backpack and some leg work. In either case, it is highly beneficial to have all your gear at your side. My first fishing pack was a Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack. It was perfect as I learned how to fly-fish properly. It held some flies, some accessories and even fit comfortably. But as time went on, my fly collection and accumulation of accessories grew, and I needed a new pack.

I choose Fishpond packs for a few reasons. Primarily, I choose them because of their durable construction and detail to a fisher’s needs. Having small compartments to sort your gear helps immensely when an epic hatch is happening and you don’t want to miss a beat. A solid fabric choice also helps Fishpond packs stay together, even when wet-wading through willows to get to your spot. I also choose Fishpond for their Cyclepond fabrics. Cyclepond fabrics are created from used fishing nets which are made from nylon. These nylon nets are recycled and make up %40-100% of Fishpond’s material needs. This method not only reduces pollution, but also reduces consumed resources and emissions which helps keep our fisheries happy. How cool is that!

When the need for a new pack arose, I took to Fishwest to find a model better suited for my needs. Something that was small and portable enough that I could hike it miles into the forest, yet simple enough that I could easily toss it on during my lunch-break outings. I chose the Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack for its size, usability and features.

The Encampment Pack is an extremely versatile pack which can be work around the waist or the neck. The pack has a large 305 cubic inch carry capacity with two compartments. The first compartment is open with a small compartment in the back. This space is more than enough to hold all your leaders, indicators and whatever else you may need at a moment’s notice. The front pocket is amply sized for fly boxes and accessories.

The pack is also loaded with awesome features. Bottle/can holders are found on each side of the pack, perfect for keeping your beverages stable and close at hand. The belt has two zipper pockets to keep small accessories close and secure. Both the front and main compartments have covered zipper hoods to repel water from entering the pack in rain or snow. Several loops can be found on the front which can hold clip-on accessories. The pack itself is made from Cyclepond fabrics.

I’ve used the pack on 5 outings and so far, I absolutely love it. The pack has enough room to comfortably access the interior without being bulky and a hassle to move in. The pack works well in both lumbar and sling mode and sits comfortably on my waist in both back and front. I tossed some other accessories onto the pack, like a Headgate Tippet Holder and Piopod microtrash container.

The Encampment Lumbar Pack is an excellent product from Fishpond. It is versatile, convenient and adequately sized. This pack will serve well in any condition and can be easily converted from waist to sling pack if required. If you are in the market for a reasonably-sized, affordable, environmentally-conscious product, don’t hesitate when it comes to the Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack