Gear Review of Fishpond Sushi Roll

Gear Review : Fishpond Sushi Roll

I will admit that I am relatively new to throwing streamers for large trout. I only really started the streamer game at the end of last season and became quite obsessed with the idea of chasing large fish over the winter. Since I do a lot of tying over the winter to kill the time I amassed a fairly large collection of streamers rather quickly. It became fairly obvious that my regular dry fly boxes were not going to be an option for carrying all this meat around with me on the river. So as any gear junkie would do I started researching what would be the best product to deal with my current situation. I found all sorts of different streamer boxes, DIY options, and various other solutions, but the only one that made sense to me was the Fishpond Sushi Roll. I will do my best to outline my decision making process on how I chose the Sushi Roll and why it works for me and my style of fly fishing.

Fly fisherman using the Fishpond Sushi Roll

One of the main contributing factors on my choice was how I was going to carry the Sushi Roll when I was on the river. I decided on a Patagonia Atom Sling last season and have really enjoyed it. I needed a solution that would work with this sling. A big old streamer box was just not going to fit in my sling with everything else I chose to carry out on a day on the river. What the sling did have was a rod tube holder which I have now turned into a Sushi Roll holder. It’s pretty much the best thing ever!

The actual functional design of the roll is spot on. The exterior fabric is super heavy duty, repels moisture and has webbing loop for attaching a carabiner or similar carrying device. I have mine packed to the gills with everything from a slumpbuster to some custom made monster 10 inch streamers for chasing bull trout. The foam they used for anchoring the hooks is very high density, but more than malleable enough to not prevent the roll from being rolled up. I have had no issues to this point with any hooks coming free while making my way around the water. As advertised none of the streamers get flattened or smashed down while being rolled up. I will note that I currently have some very large streamers in mine and chose to not roll it as tightly as possible for a little extra breathing room. I believe this also helps with the drying process which does work quite well.

Flies inside the Fishpond Sushi Roll

An interesting feature that I have not seen mentioned anywhere online is that the outside of the roll in each corner there are large velcro squares. Included with the Sushi Roll was 4 adhesive squares to match the ones on the roll. My best guess would be that someone could attach the squares to their drift boat and then attach the Sushi Roll to the squares. This would give you a great option for hanging some meat on your boat while still being able to roll it up at the end of the day and take it home with you.


  • Various options for carrying on the river or while in a boat
  • Does not crush or flatten your streamers
  • Streamers do dry well when put back into the roll wet
  • High quality durable materials


  • I didn’t buy the extra large

In the end, I would buy one again for sure. To be honest I might end up getting the extra large and gifting my large one to my brother. I am extremely happy with my Sushi Roll and recommend everyone take at look at one if they are considering a new solution for carrying streamers.

Fishpond Sushi Roll attached to a fly fishing sling pack