Gear Review: Rising Nets

Gear Review: Rising Nets

I have various staple items that I take with me when I go fishing. Some of these pieces include my rod/reel, fly boxes, a gear bag, and a net. I have many different rods, many reels, many fly boxes, and many gear bags. But the one thing that I only use one brand of is my net. I have used many different nets in my fly fishing experience. Although all of those nets get the job done, in my humble opinion, Rising nets are the best on the market.
Fish in Rising fly fishing net
Rising has a variation of different sizes and colors for their nets. I have the 2 smallest of their 3 nets. All Rising nets are anodized aluminum making them light weight. Another neat thing about these nets is that there is a gasket sealed end-cap on each one, allowing for water-proof storage in the handle. These nets can double as a flask. Who doesn’t like that? Some more specs of Rising nets are:

  • Knurled texture for grip
  • Acetal bolt to hold hoop to handle securely
  • American made
  • Unconditional warranty
  • Biggest Chinese (soon to be American) clear bag available
  • Replacement bags available
  • Some nets available in travel form

Rising fly fishing nets
The smallest of the nets offered is called the “Brookie Net’. This net has a 10 inch handle and is ideal for small stream or creek fishing. It is the perfect size to hook right onto my wading belt or pack.

The next size up is called the “Lunker Net/Wade Watercraft” and has a 24 inch handle. This net is exactly what it claims to be- a net for lunkers. This is my personal favorite of all the nets offered. I like this net best because of the size. A lot of times I am solo fishing, so I don’t have a pal to net my fish. With this net I am able to reach out far enough to net the fish without breaking off. I use this not only as a net, but also as my wading staff. This year in Texas we have received a significant amount of rain and all of our rivers have had tremendously high CFS. With my lunker net I am able to keep it simple and minimal. Instead of having to carry a staff, a rod/reel, net, gear bag, camera, etc., I can keep it simple and use my net as a 2-in-1. The textured grip makes it easy to grab and keep in my hand. Another neat thing about my lunker net is that it breaks down for travelling. I break down my net just as I would my rod and am able to fit it into my luggage for travelling. If there is one overall net that a fisherman should own, this is it!
Rising fly fishing net
Although I do not own the 3rd and largest net of the Rising net selection, I do plan to own one by the end of 2016! The third net in the series is the “Lunker Net/Boat Net”. This net has a 38” handle.

There are numerous aspects I love about my Rising nets, but there is one thing that I would consider a con of the product. As I said above, each net has a sealed end-cap in the handle. This gasket sealed end-cap is opened and closed by pulling/pushing. Instead of the push/pull method, I wish it was a screw-on cap so that it is less likely to lose on the river. I did lose the end-cap to my Brookie Net, but Rising offers replacement pieces for a reasonable price and I was able to replace this very easily. Other than this one aspect, I have nothing negative to say about my Rising nets.

Rising offers a wide variety of colors for their nets. I have orange and red so far. The colors include blue, gunmetal, orange, red, wasabi (green), black and pink. Though they have lots of colors already, Rising frequently adds to their color selection!
Fish in Rising fly fishing net
Another unique aspect of Rising nets is that they can be personally engraved with a name, logo, or anything else you can think of! I have engraving on both of my nets.

Overall I think that Rising nets are the best nets on the market and can serve multiple purposes. This brand not only carries nets but also tools that include nippers, scissors, de-barbers, and so much more! Rising is operated by very kind, genuine people that provide excellent customer service and will help with anything you need. I suggest everyone own a Rising net in their lifetime!