Gear Review: Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish Fly Line

Sight casting for bonefish one of the most exciting ways fish due to the fact you need to be ready at a moment’s notice. With that being said, it is critical to have gear that performs well and that you trust when that shot arises. The most important piece of gear in this equation can be argued for ages. However, I strongly believe that the most important element in any saltwater outfit is the fly line.

Enter the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bonefish Taper fly line. This is the latest in fly line offering from the minds at Scientific Anglers. Unlike other fly lines in the saltwater category that feature a more aggressive weight forward shooting head design this taper is a little bit more conservatively designed. Tipping the scales at 210 grains this line will allow casters to drop small gotchas and other shrimpy patterns with whisper quiet presentation.

Open fly box

Now that you have a brief overview of the line see what really sets this line apart from the other options out there.


  • The new AST Plus slickness additive easily highlight’s the pros section of this article due to the fact that it is a gamechanger. This coating takes a minute or two to dial in due to the fact that this line feels much more slippery than most. Performance wise the AST Plus coupled with the dimpled “shooting texture” means that this line shoots really well through the guides for that little bit of extra distance.
  • Like all other Sharkwave and Amplitude series fly lines this line has a three-color construction that provides a ton of contrast. The Amplitude Bonefish features an Ivory (white) tip, coupled with a Surf (blue) running line and a Black sighter section. These contrasting colors aid in judging distance while casting or bringing in fish.
  • SA/ID – This is standard on all Scientific Anglers fly lines. However, I feel that it is underappreciated. All fly lines are marked with the series, taper, and weight designation on the front of the line (ex. SA Amplitude Bonefish WF 8 F)


  • The noise level on textured lines are always a talking point for some anglers. Some may even argue that it spooks fish. The slight whistle as the line travels through the guides always takes a little to get used to.
  • The AST Plus coating is pretty slick and takes some time to get used to when handling. Is it fair to put in as a con? I am not sure. This could be due to angler error just as much as anything
  • The slightly lighter line means that this line does not load up as quick as some other saltwater tapers on the market like the SA Grand Slam or Rio Flats Pro. However, what it lacks in quick loading it makes up for in presentation.

JC holding a fish he caught

If you will find yourself gearing up to visit a bonefish flat sometime in the near future you will want to check out this line.