Gear Review : Simms G3 Guide Waders

Simms released an updated version of their popular G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders this fall and I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to break-in our shop demo pair. This version resembles the previous model very closely but offers subtle changes to the fabric and features for a more pleasant experience.

One of the first differences I noticed while pulling them on was the feel of the GORE-TEX material itself. The updated G3s still offer four-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell in the legs and three-layers in the upper section but these had a softer feel. Not so much soft as in fleece but the pliability of the fabric. It wasn’t the stiffish material I’ve been use to from Simms waders but folded and articulated much easier while hiking and didn’t bulk-up in the chest when I sat down for lunch. The four-layer GORE-TEX has been extended to the seat area which is a huge change in the G3s, past models only offered this protection up to the thigh area and consumers would have to purchase the G4 waders if they wanted this increased protection.

Other features that have been modified are the fleeced lined hand warmer pockets that now sport a zipper opening instead of storm flaps to store gear and accessories more securely then before. Simms has also added a Velcro Super-fly Patch on the front left chest to hang wet flies or attach the optional Fractal or Super-fly foam fly patches for quick fly changes. Simms has also included a funk-fighting anti-microbial finish into their booties for a lasting fresh smell.

Some of the features that carried over from the previous model of G3’s are the built-it gravel guards with boot hooks to keep them in place and the retractor docking station to allow attachment of needed accessories. The center storage and Tippet Tender Pocket have also been included to store spools and other small accessories close to hand.

The most valuable part of these waders has to be the double limited lifetime warranty in my opinion. You never know what may happen on the water as well as during storage, pinholes from cactus and sticker bushes, accidental run-ins with barbed wire, or your fishing buddy mistakes them as a chew toy are all situations covered by their warranty. If your waders need to be repaired within the first year or any issue deemed a manufacturer defect the repair is free, any repairs beyond the first year are subject to either a $40 or $65 charge depending on the amount of wear and tear exhibited on them.

Through the years I’ve owned many different pairs of waders from multiple manufacturers and have found Simms to offer the most comfortable, durable waders on the market. Others may have more eye appeal but it’s not a fashion statement when you’re out on the water, the functionality and warranty offered in the Simms G3 waders by far make them the best option for around $500.