Gear Review: Simms Tributary Waders

There are times when it is great to wet wade. Some people even believe it is great to wet wade in jeans. These things happen. For the seasons and locations that it’s not wise to wet wade it is wise to have a pair of quality waders. Ending the day with comfortable and dry feet after a day of wading is one of those creature comforts that I’ve come to enjoy – particularly after a long day of fishing in cold water on a cold day.

Several months ago I picked up a new pair of waders – the Simms Tributary Waders.  I purchased them in a direct correlation to a fishing trip last winter when I found new leaks in my waders, which was very uncomfortable and cold. Since picking up these waders I have been blessed to have fished tail waters, cold creeks, and in the Northern California surf. Having good waders definitely made those days much more comfortable.

These waders are well built – here are some quick features on these waders:

  • The waders are built with a 3-Layer Waterproof Breathable Polyester in the upper section and 4-Layer Waterproof Breathable Polyester in the lower sections.
  • Reach through fleece lined hand warmer pocket, with zippered top stash pocket
  • Self-fabric gravel guards.
  • Anti-microbial finished neoprene stocking feet.


Price point:

These waders cost $179.95.  I figure my last pair of waders lasted me at least several years. I do not fish 100+ days a year in waders – I am somewhere between 10 and 50 days on the water in waders most years. The way my number crunching works out is that that means I will be running an average cost of one dollar per day or less before I wear them out. If they last longer than that I will be pleasantly surprised


Simms does what Simms does with their wader guarantee. “If your SIMMS waders fail due to a defect in workmanship or materials, we’ll repair or replace and get you back in the water as soon as possible. If your SIMMS waders fail due to excessive wear, accidents involving barbed wire or campfires, we’ll make every effort to repair your gear for a reasonable fee”. So far I haven’t had an issue with these waders – but if they fail due to defect they are covered. Like my dad has taught me for many years, “if you wear out recreational gear you shouldn’t complain – you should celebrate!”  Here’s hoping that none of us have any campfire or barbed wire related accidents any time soon.


Overtime gear related technology has gotten considerably more comfortable than it was in the past. I remember as a youth fishing in neoprene waders that seemed to require having the skills of a master Yogi to get in or out of them. These SIMMS waders have been very comfortable. Ranging in weather from snowy and windy days on clear tailwater rivers to the mornings fishing the Northern California surf I had no serious discomfort from the cold.  They are well-crafted and fit to size. It will only increase your comfort.



I’m really stumped on a con for these waders so far. The closest I can come is mostly based only my own user error. I would make sure to test the fit of the neoprene stockings. Don’t get them too big or too small or they won’t be as comfortable as they could be. Even with mine being a little too big – they still are pretty dang comfortable.

I hope that by this time next year I’ll have worn these waders out and have dozens of stories to tell you about them. For the cost they are a great set of waders – if your looking for quality at a good price I have no problems recommending them!