Gear Review of Simms Waypoints Large Day Pack

Gear Review: Simms’ Waypoints Large Day Pack

I recently had to part ways with a dear friend of mine, an old Wal-Mart day pack I’ve own since the day I started fly fishing. She was a great pack and we shared lots of memories along with countless miles and long days, so when it came time to put her down and find a replacement I wanted a pack that would not only allow her to rest peacefully but one that had features that were missing from my previous bag.

There are many great options to choose from when selecting a day pack and after looking at just about every pack in our inventory I finally decided to pull the trigger on Simms’ Waypoints Large Backpack, not only for the fly fishing specific features but also the crossover potential for day hikes and short backpacking adventures. The biggest and most deciding factor was the aluminum frame and back panel design, the frame disperses the weight throughout the pack and helps the back panel contour to the users back, eliminating annoying pressure points that happen when you fill your pack. Since the back panel sits away from the bag itself the breathability factor of it, in my opinion, is unmatched by any other fishing pack on the market and was a noticeable difference from day one.

Simms Waypoints Large Day Pack

Features that drew me to the Waypoint Backpack were the centered rod carrier, the adjustable compression straps and the main compartment side access. When thinking about my next pack one of the scenarios I thought about was hiking around the multitude of lakes high in the Uinta Mountains. Having the ability to safely transport a rod with or without a rod tube on a long hike is critical and having the rod centered gives me the ease of mind that branches and shrubs along the way won’t grab it as easily as if it was offset to a specific side. The compression strap design on this pack is really clever, you have the option of utilizing them on the sides of that pack like standard straps but also have the option of connecting both side straps together to create a load strap for larger gear you may need for your travels, such as large nets, sleeping pads or small tents. The main compartment side access door allows you to get to fly boxes, rain jacket or lunch much like a sling pack, without completely taking off the pack which in my opinion is one of the biggest hassles of using a backpack.

Inside the Simms Waypoints Large Day Pack

Other features to note would be the water bladder compatibility, multiple attachment points for tools on the shoulder straps, the two roomy accessory pockets, and the Catch & Release system to integrate Simms’ Waypoints Chest Pack for more room. With all these features and the range of applications this pack can be used for it was an easy choice with that being said some features I’d like to see in future designs would be more interior organization with the accessory pockets. If Simms’ could add pockets that could be used with the sling option for tippets, leader and smaller accessories, maybe develop a separate pocket system that could attach to the key clip, would really set off this pack.

Side access on the Simms Waypoints Large Day Pack

If you have any questions about this pack or anything else in our inventory feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call, we’ll help you find the item that fits your needs.