Gear Review: Simms Women’s G3 Guide Waders

Here in Texas, it’s pretty warm year round which makes wearing Waders unessential for everyday fishing. Although I don’t need to wear Waders in Texas all the time, I do use them, on especially cold days during Winter as well as when I fish out of state in colder trout waters. Another time I wear Waders is when I know I will be fishing waters that could potentially hold snakes. When I do need to wear Waders, I can always count on my Simms G3’s to get the job done

Fly angler

Simms offers a wide variety of Waders for men and women in a wide range of sizes. My favorite pair from Simms are the Women’s G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders which are priced at $499.95, which is a lot of money, but in my personal experience has been worth it.

These Waders are durable, long-lasting, and can withstand some pretty harsh terrain. Not only are they tough and scratch resistant, but they fit extremely well also. These Waders are offered in the normal “Small, Medium, Large” sizes but also in “Medium short”, “Large Full”. etc. They cater to many different sized women.

Jesika holding a fish in the river

My most favorite aspect of these Waders is that they are made with Gore-Tex pro shell. This technology is lightweight, breathable, and exceptionally waterproof. Another perk of these Waders is that they are made in the USA. Woohoo! These Waders also have a flip-out pocket that can either be tucked inside the front of your Waders or hang out of the front, which allows you to store tippet, nippers, etc. I personally use this pocket for my cell phone as well as my dry fly floatant and a small fly box. This pocket can be easily zipped off and left at home but I always wear it as it is very light-weight and easy storage

  • Specifically cut for women (higher chest and patented front/back leg seam construction)
  • Built in belt loops with nylon belt
  • Scuff resistant material for more durable built in gravel guards
  • Adjustable suspenders

I can, in full honesty, say that I cannot find one thing wrong with these Simms G3 Guide Waders. The design, construction, technology, and fit is all exactly what I would want in a pair of Waders. If there was one thing that I could add to these Waders it would be a fly patch. It would be very convenient when switching out flies to be able to attach your used fly onto a convenient patch, but then again, I have a fly box right inside of my pocket.

Overall the Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders are well worth every penny spent. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a new pair of Waders or even if you just want to have the best on the market. Out of all of the Waders I have purchased over the years, these Waders are by far the most indestructible, secure pair I’ve ever used. So, stop hesitating and check them out! I promise you won’t be disappointed in a pair of Simms G3 Guide Waders


Note: This post was originally published  in September 2016 and may be out of date.