On the River: Fishwest Fly Fishing Guides

Have you met our Fishwest / Jans Fly Fishing Guides? If yes, you already know the pleasure of having a trip with one of the fantastic humans listed below. If you’re looking to create some fun memories by booking a guided fly fishing trip below is a brief biography and you can request time on water with them!

Travis Vernon

Travis started fishing as soon as he could walk and instantly became enamored with the sport. The first fish he caught on a fly just happened to be in Chalk Creek when he netted a Bonneville cutthroat trout, the Utah state fish. A self–professed Navy brat, Travis fished in the koi ponds on the base where his dad was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. Since koi is a sacred fish in that culture, Travis was promptly escorted home by the MP’s. Since then, Travis has fished all over the world and believes that each locale, from the intercostal to a mountain stream, has its own unique appeal. As a respected fly fishing guide, Travis is a natural teacher who gets just as excited as his clients when they catch their first fish. “Just seeing that smile is what carries on the sport,” he says.

Kris Clemons

Kris started fishing the lakes and rivers of Western Washington or PNW as a child.  Fishing was definitely his passion and he went on to pursue a degree in Natural resources sciences with an emphasis on fisheries management.  He completed his degree at Washington State University and went on to work for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, where he did a lot of field work around the state of Oregon working with salmon, steelhead and bull trout.  In 2012 he decided to move to Utah and really begin his “trout bum” lifestyle. He started guiding for Jans Mountain Outfitters (Fishwest) since 2016

Dave Mihalik

Dave is from northeast Ohio where his love for fishing began on golf course ponds hunting lunker large mouth bass. He moved to Utah in 2013 and his passion for fly fishing began. Quickly learning everything from casting to fly tying. From trout to smallmouth bass, carp to musky. If it’s taking a fly he is there!

Molly Winston

Molly started fishing while living in the Bay Area, with her first time being skunked on the Little Truckee River. After that, she was hooked. After moving to Utah, she decided to become a full time guide. 

Molly completed an Orvis-Endorsed guide program in Idaho. Molly strives to give you the best experience on the river, giving you the foundation you need to continue to fly fish. She is also a volunteer for the Mayfly Project, a program focused on mentorship and fly fishing for foster children.