Simms Flyweight Access Wading Boot

If you’re like me, fly fishing has become a constant search for new areas to fish. Insert Google maps, zooming into the high mountain areas of Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Montana until a body of water or river catches your eye. You begin to look at terrains, elevations, possible trails, fish stocking reports and private and public land records. Devising a plan to get yourself to this water. Not just a simple stroll from your truck, these areas sometimes require long hikes, bush whacking and frustration. Having lightweight and durable gear is a must and that’s where Simms Flyweight Collection comes in. Introducing the new Flyweight Access Wading Boot


This system was introduced for the spring 2021 season and started with waders, boots, packs, jackets and a variety of Flyweight pods and accessories was designed and built to perform together as a cohesive unit. Their integrated 5.11® HEXGRID® cargo-carry system, allows anglers ample opportunity for customized modularity to enhance the fishing experience.


Now an entire year later (feels like 5 years because of Covid) they have released even more products to this collection, most notably their Flyweight Access Wading Boot. Why is this boot noteworthy? Because of their exclusive-to-Simms Vibram Idrogrip Flex outsole that is softer and “grippier” than their other sole materials. In essence this boot is the BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2. True off-roading performance in a wading boot. This boot feels like a hiking boot and because of the soft grip sole you get wet-slip resistance and phenomenal feedback in the river.


Other features:

  • Lightweight, non-absorbent mesh uppers.
  • Welded TPU overlays in high-abrasion areas for added durability.
  • Supportive, but lightweight and comfortable webbing lacing hardware across the foot.
  • Full closed-cell neoprene foam lining.
  • Pull-on loops for easy don and doff.
  • With a sole optimized for wet-slip resistance, the Flyweight Access Wading Boot is the ideal choice for those who prioritize traction. Although tested for durability and suitable for most anglers, those who prioritize sole durability should consider Simms G3 or G4 wading boot models.

Right now this boot is only sold in men’s sizes. So ladies, if this appeals to you, just size down and this boot will work for you too! Now being sold online and in our Kamas, Utah shop.