First Look: Spring 2024 – Simms Women’s Line

I’m thrilled to cast a line into the latest offerings from Simms, focusing on their spring collection tailored for women. Simms has truly outdone themselves this season, blending functionality with flair in a way that speaks directly to the angler with a keen eye for both style and utility. Their selection navigates through an exciting palette, notably with a standout blue camo that promises to turn heads. Their thoughtful approach to color and design ensures that there’s something for every angler’s taste.
Taking a closer look, the Women’s Solarflex Hoodie is a highlight, available in eye-catching Neptune and Watermelon hues. My personal trial of these pieces revealed their versatility and comfort. The small size in Watermelon paired seamlessly with casual jeans, while the Neptune medium offered a more relaxed fit. The hoodies boast SPF 50 protection, extended sleeves with thumb slots, and a convenient left-side pocket, making them an essential gear for sun protection without sacrificing style.
The Seamount Short, available in Regiment Camo Clover and Regiment Camo Neptune, offers a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The size medium was spot on for me who has a 28″ waist and 37″ hips, accommodating curves with a comfortable midrise fit. The inclusion of a perforated band, deep rear pocket with zipper, and secure front pockets adds to their practicality. The shorts’ quick-dry polyester blend fabric ensures comfort and ease, whether you’re wading through waters or relaxing onshore.
Simms also introduces the Women’s Glades Hoodie in Dark Clover Heather and Steel Blue Heather. These pieces offer SPF 30+ protection, ideal for cooler mornings or evenings by the water. The design caters to a feminine silhouette, offering a more flattering fit compared to traditional, blocky outdoor wear. The attention to sleeve length and thumb holes reflects Simms’ commitment to detail, ensuring full coverage and comfort.
Lastly, the Bugstopper Leggings, in both Regiment Camo and Bass Salt, stand out for their compression fit and stretchy comfort. The high waistband and drop-in thigh pocket complement the angler’s needs for functionality and ease. Their true-to-size fit and thoughtful design in inseam length cater to a range of heights, ensuring that every angler finds their perfect match.
Simms’ spring collection for women is a testament to their understanding of the angler’s desire for gear that’s both practical and stylish. Whether it’s the attention to UV protection, the functional pockets, or the thoughtful fit across various pieces, Simms ensures that female anglers are well-equipped and looking great on any fishing adventure. This collection not only meets the mark but sets a new standard for women’s fishing apparel.