Staff Holiday Pick’s – Goodies, Gifts, and Stocking Stuffers

Its crunch time for the holidays but the Fishwest staff is here to help. If your looking for a last minute gift or curious about some of the products we all use this blog is for you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions and stop by the shop this weekend to get your last minute items! Happy Holidays to all of our customers and fly fishing anglers!


Carlin’s Picks:

Pocketguide to Western Hatches – Dave Hughes

This is one of my favorite books and one of the best books for any beginning angler. If you or somebody you know wants to learn more about specific bug stages this is a great resource. Learning how to observe trout and bugs can’t be a difficult task without knowing what to look for. This book will help you “see” better on the water and help any fly fisher better understand hatches in the western states. With general charts, illustrations, and great photos this book helps to paint a better picture when it comes to trout and their food.

Croakies – Eyewear Retainers – Poly Suiter Fish Skin

This is a great product for any outdoor enthusiast. I prefer the Rainbow or A.D. Maddox Cutthroat versions on long river trips in Idaho but I use them everywhere. Perfect for any angler but especially handy on the water, nobody has time to deep-six their new fancy Smith shades. Easily placed on almost any glasses, comfortable, stylish, and of course they are adjustable if you happen across some turbid high water early next spring.

AIR-LOCK Strike Indicators

Easy as you like for nymphing and just happens to be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. These indicators are excellent for keeping your leader straight and secure to ensure a good presentation. Adjusting for depth is simple with the nut on the top and each pack comes with an extra cap in case you lose a nut!


David’s Picks:

Rising Big Nippa

The big nippa is the only nipper I carry. For only 12 bucks you have something that is easy to hold and find as well as something that can cut through any leader with ease. It also comes in an array of colors so you can match your style.

Hydro Flask

Do you like cold water? How about hot coffee? Hours after you put your beverage in there the temperature will remain the same. I find this especially nice when I am trouncing around creeks in the high mountains during the summer months when it can get toasty. There is nothing quite like ice cold water to refresh yourself after landing that backcountry monster before you hike out. Get this in your favorite color and enjoy a cold one anywhere!


Rich’s Pick:

Hardy Ultralite MA Reel

For customers looking to upgrade their reel or buy right the first time, I suggest customers spend about $300 on a reel. That price range gives customers a decent variety of machined reels to choose from. Within this price range you’ll find the Hardy Ultralite MA Reel.

The Hardy Ultralite MA Fly Reel is a great option for almost any freshwater fishing condition with reel sizes ranging from 3 – 7-weight below the $300 range. The mid-arbor design offers plenty of room for guys who want to stack backing into their reels for carp or for large heavy tapered fly lines perfect for the trout swingers looking for a lighter reel for their trout-spey setups. The reel is light enough to balance well with most shorter 4 and 5-weights and the color-coded drag settings make it easy to adjust your drag on the fly. When you’re finally looking for a new reel, I highly suggest taking a look at the Ultralite MA by Hardy before you make any decisions.


JC’s Picks:

Simms Katafront Jacket

This jacket is fantastic. It’s perfect as a layering piece under a shell when raining or as a standalone piece. It has quickly become one of my personal favorites since it repels wind fairly well and it features some really cool styling and colorways.

Simms Bounty Hunter Vault

The Simms Bounty hunter is a game changer. With enough room for up to eight rods and a plethora of reels, boxes and other accessories this is a fantastic storage solution to toss in the back of the car for a day of fishing or for a travelling angler going on that destination trip of a lifetime. The optional backpack straps make this thing really easy to use in a variety of situations.



Thanks for reading and from the entire Fishwest staff we hope you enjoy the rest of the Holidays!