The New ORVIS Helios D Series Fly Rod: A Personal Review from Mangrove Cay, Bahamas

Hello, fellow anglers! Brooke Bailey here, Fishwest Fly Shop Manager. I recently had the privilege of testing the brand-new ORVIS Helios D Series Fly Rod, and let me tell you, it’s an experience worth sharing.

First Impressions

When our Orvis rep, handed me the Helios D Series, I was immediately struck by its sleek design and lightweight feel. The craftsmanship is impeccable, as one would expect from Orvis. This rod exudes a blend of elegance and functionality, promising great things from the start.

Putting It to the Test: Mangrove Cay, Bahamas

Where better to test a fly rod than in one of the most renowned fishing destinations? In April, I took the Helios D Series to Mangrove Cay in the Bahamas, aiming for the elusive Bonefish. Mangrove Cay is a paradise for fly fishing, with its clear waters and abundant flats. The perfect backdrop to see what the Helios D is truly made of.

Performance on the Water

The Helios D Series performed exceptionally well. Its light weight made for effortless casting, and the precision was remarkable. Whether casting short or long distances, the rod responded with impeccable accuracy. I was particularly impressed with its sensitivity, allowing me to feel even the slightest bites and movements underwater.

Hooking into those Bonefish was a thrill. The rod handled their powerful runs with grace, giving me confidence with every fight. The strength and flexibility of the Helios D are its standout features, making it a fantastic choice for targeting fast, strong species like Bonefish.

Over-Lining: A Word of Caution

While the Helios D Series is a phenomenal rod, I would advise against over-lining it. I experimented with this during my trip and found that over-lining it with a Scientific Anglers Grand Slam 8wt compromised its natural rhythm and balance. The rod performs best with the recommended line weight, ensuring that you get the most out of its design and capabilities. The best line for this rod would be either a Scientific Anglers Bonefish or a RIO Flats Pro .

Final Thoughts

The ORVIS Helios D Series Fly Rod is a masterpiece, perfect for serious anglers seeking top performance. Its precision, light weight, and strength make it a joy to use, especially in challenging environments like Mangrove Cay.

If you’re in the market for a new rod, I highly recommend giving the Helios D Series a try. Just remember to stick with the recommended line weight to fully appreciate its engineering. Come by Fishwest Fly Shop, and let’s talk about how this rod can enhance your fly fishing adventures. Until then, tight lines and happy fishing!

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